Enjoy our Free plan and discover how easy document management should be. Simply upload, add a document title, expiry date and we’ll remind you when it’s due. Simple!

If you’re looking for even more storage, and features - consider upgrading to our Business Plan. For less than $10 per month you’ll receive document archive access. This means you’ll be able to store and download all your expired documents. This can be very helpful when looking for old insurance, old licensing and training, or old service records for customers to see what was completed. You’ll also have access to our premium SMS reminders. This sends a reminder SMS to the registered person against a document. Very helpful when this person is external to your organisation or you need to prompt them urgently to provide new documentation for you. Of course as the BusinessDoks administrator you’ll always receive email reminders and on-screen notifications for all expiring documents.

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200mb of storage

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  • Secure document storage & reminders
  • Email & Onscreen Notifications
  • Cloud File Access
  • Bulk SMS Marketing tools
  • Made for Mobile