All access points to the BusinessDoks website are secured by SSL, meaning any communication you have with the website is encrypted. This is particularly important when entering any passwords, credit card details and personal details.

To further improve the security at your login point of the website, we have implemented two factor authentication. This ensures that access to your account can only be made by a user that holds your unique authentication, which changes its passcode every 30 seconds.

While script, code and passkey points are encrypted with SSL, to keep your documents secure we hash-bind them to your username only (which is also secured with two factor authentication). This ensures that all your documents cannot be seen by either the general public, or by another user at any time. All documents are also stored on a completely separate server.

For peace of mind, our development team also lock-down all access points used for updates, patches and development.

Our servers are located in Australia, for both their speed and policy.

If you require any further details around our infrastructure, or have specific security needs for your business - please make contact with our BusinessDoks team -